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Dry Skin Wash 



10 drops sandalwood oil + 10 drops rose oil +10 drops lavender oil: 2 tablespoons of fresh avocado.


Rose Oil


The Rose, which is the leading flower of the day is a wonderful creation of nature, which gives to world symbol of love, friendship, good health, sensuality, happiness, skin care etc. All Atmospheres has a heavenly smell in the presence of Rose, when we talk about rose; our body feels a wonderful freshness.   

Rose Oil

Rose oil is produced by steam distillation of fresh rose blooms. rose oil is a 100% pure and organic product used in creams, lotions and soaps for its mild anti-viral and bactericidal properties, as well as for its fragrance. Rose water recovered from the distillation of rose oil is beneficial for cleaning and refreshing dry, sensitive skin. Beside being used as a medicine in cosmetics and aromatherapy.

Rose oil are highly use in perfumery, aromatherapy, skin care and may others special aroma products. It takes many pounds of rose petals to make just one ounce of oil. Our Damask rose oil has a deep, rosy, fresh aroma, the color ranges from clear to a pale yellow or greenish tint. Rose Otto is extracted from the freshest flowers, harvesting commences at 5.30 am and is completed by 9.30 am. Each bloom is hand picked and an experienced harvester can pick 10 to 12 kilos of blooms in the morning. The heat used in the distillation process is carefully controlled, as the aroma can be damaged if the heat is too high.



Botanical Name:

Rosa Damascena


Yellow pale liquid



Part of plant used


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Chemical composition of Rose Oil



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Rose oil is a colorless or yellow liquid and has a characteristic odour and taste of roses. At 25EC it is a viscous liquid. Upon gradual cooling it changes to a translucent, crystalline mass, which can be liquefied by warming. Although rose oil is a very complicated mixture of more than 100 different components, the major component recovered from the blossom is phenyl-ethyl alcohol. The other main components are rose alcohols geraniol, citronellol, and nerol. Many other components are present only in trace amounts but are very important for the overall quality of the oil. An example is the compound damascenone, which is an important odour constituent and is only present in minute amounts. As noted, phenyl- ethyl alcohol is a major oil component, but because of its solubility in water it is usually lost in the distillation waters unless collected as rose water. This alcohol is, however, present in the absolute extracted by solvent. 




Rose Oil Production



Rosa Oil Distillation  


Rose essential oil is the soul of Rose flowers also called by named 'Ruh Gulab' (Soul of Rose). There are in the world's have two species of rose are available for production of Rose oil.


Rosa Damascena is widely cultivated in India , Bulgaria & China & for Rosa Centifolia country France & Egypt work very well. In India a city named 'Hassain' (Near about district Aligarh ) has India's largest cultivation of Rosa Damascena. At that place RK have a unit for distillation of Rose oil, we get here lowest price of flower, so we able to large production in reasonable prime cost & also can offer reasonable price to our buyers.   


In the Morning rose are picked by women & children. From the field, rose to be brought to the distillery there we boiled Rosa Damascena flower in copper cauldron  with clear water, once the rose petals are loaded into the cauldron, distillation is ready to begin. Then rose oil & water are vaporized & Collect in retort (A copper pitcher) as a steam through the coil (Condenser), where they condense back to liquid by cold Atmospheres. After distillation the holy Rose Essential oil come on top of retort, and then we separate oil via help of filter. And water can be collect for next distillation.


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Rose Oil Uses


Rose Oil Note


The rose, long called the "king of flowers" is perhaps the most revered flower in the world. For centuries its beauty has been celebrated in art and literature and symbolized in religion, romance, and even politics. It is very helpful for heart problems and also beneficial for normal circulation of blood.

For Skin, it is best for any skin problems, here we want to suggest for Sandalwood Rose Attar, it is perfect combination of worlds best two essential oil. Sandalwood Oil & Rose Oil is Incredible Essential Oils in this world. If Sandalwood oil are best for skin disease so rose oil are best for aromatherapy. If you search unique product with both Essential Oils properties. so Sandalwood Rose Attar can give full stop to your search.



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Rose notes vary considerably one form another. In addition to the basic components mentioned below under Red Rose, Damascene Rose and Centrifolia Rose, we find some important auxiliary notes in the naturally occurring esters, as well as in n few aldehydes and acetals. Many other odorants also enter, in relatively small amounts but with the significant effect, into the composition of specialized rose notes, e.g. those of the tea rose.


Red Rose

Rosa Damascena

Rosa Centifolia





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