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Essential Oils

Essential Oil


Essential oils can be any products from herbal plans & tree who find via Hydro distill plant, CO2 Plant (Supercritical Carbon Dioxide), Solvent Extraction, Cold-Pressed etc. Its can be any Oil, Concretes, Natural Aroma Compounds, Perfumes from the Leaves, Flowers, Bark, Roots, Wood, Seeds or Peel of Herbal Plans & Tree.


On the other hand An essential oil is a concentrated, hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aromatic compounds extracted from plants. It may be produced by distillation, expression, or solvent extraction. Essential oils are used in perfumery, aromatherapy, cosmetics, incense, medicine, household cleaning products, and for flavoring food and drink. They are valuable commodities in the fragrance and food industries.

Essential oil is also known as volatile oil and ethereal oil. It may also be referred to as "oil of" the raw plant material from which it was extracted, such as oil of clove. The term essential is intended to convey that the oil is an essence of the plant it is extracted from, and not in the more common sense of being indispensable.


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Essential oil Sources


Essential oils are the plant essences used in aromatherapy. They may be found in various parts of the plant. Rose (Rosa damascena) essential oil and hydrosol, for example, come from rose petals. Anise (Pimpinella anisum) essential oil is derived from anise seeds. Angelica (Angelica archangelica) essential oil is typically obtained from the roots. Other essential oils come from the leaves, bark, branches, resin, fruit, or peel. In most cases, it takes a huge amount of botanical material to produce even a small amount of essential oil.


Essential oil Extraction


In order to release and collect the essential oil and hydrosol from the plant, the relevant part of the plant is expressed, solvent extracted, or steam distilled. Expression is used primarily to obtain essential oils that come from fruit peels, such as grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) essential oil. Solvent extraction is necessary for some essential oils that would be destroyed by hot water and steam, such as jasmine (Jasminum officinale) essential oil, or those that are not sufficiently volatile to be extracted by steam distillation, such as benzoin (Styrax tonkinensis) essential oil.


Most oils, however, are obtained by steam distillation, where steam is passed through the botanical material, releasing the volatile aromatic compounds when the heat causes the plant?s cell walls to burst. The essential oil molecules and steam are then cooled, resulting in condensation. Since oil and water are not mutually soluble, the non-water soluble fraction (the essential oil) is easily separated from the water-soluble fraction (the hydrosol or hydrolate) by pouring off the top layer or draining the bottom layer through a spigot in the collection vessel.

Essential oils List


A   D   O
Agarwood Oil (AAA)   Dill Seed Oil   Olibanum Oil
Agarwood Oil (AA)       Orange Oil (Sweet)
Ajowan Oil   E   Oregano Oil
Almond Oil   Elemi Oil    
Amber Oil   Eucalyptus Oil (Globulus)   P
Ambrette Seed Oil   Eucalyptus Oil (Citriodora)   Palmarosa Oil
Amyris Oil       Patchouli Oil
Aniseed Oil   F   Peppermint Oil
Avocado Oil   Fenugreek Oil   Petitgrain Oil
    Fennel Seed Oil    
B   Frankincense oil   R
Balsam Peru Oil   Frankincense Crystals   Rose Oil
Balsam Tolu Oil       Rose de mai oil
Basil Oil   G   Rosewood Oil
Bay Leaf Oil   Galbanum Oil   Rosemary Oil
Bergamot Oil   Garlic Oil   Ruh Khus
Betel Leaf Oil   Geranium Oil    
Birch Sweet Oil   Ginger Grass Oil   S
Bitter Orange Oil   Ginger Oil   Sandalwood Oil (Indian)
Black Pepper Oil   Grapefruit oil   Spearmint Oil
Blue Tansy Oil       Spikenard Oil
    H   Styrax Benzoin (Sumatra)
C   Helichrysum Oil    
Cajeput Oil   Hyssop Oil   T
Calamus Oil       Tea Tree Oil
Caraway Oil   J   Turmeric Oil
Cardamom Oil   Jojoba Oil    
Carrot Seed Oil   Juniper Berry Oil   V
Cassia Oil       Vanilla Oil
Cassie Absolute Oil   L   Vetiver Oil
Catnip Oil   Lavander Oil (Bulgarian)    
Cedarwood Himalayan Oil   Lavander Oil (Kashmir)   W
Celery Seed Oil   Lemongrass Oil   Wintergreen Oil
Chamomile Oil (Blue German)        
Chamomile Roman Oil   M   Y
Cinnamon Bark Oil   Mandarin Oil   Ylang Ylang Oil
Cinnamon Leaf Oil   Marigold Oil    
Citronella Oil   Marjoram Oil    
Clary Sage Oil   Menthol Crystal    
Clove Oil   Moringa Oil    
Coriander Seed Oil        
Cumin Seed Oil   N    
Curry Leaf Oil   Nagarmotha Oil    
Cypress Oil   Neroli Oil    
    Nutmeg Oil    



Agarwood oilSandalwood Oil


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