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Attar Information


الهندي الطبيعيه العطار-- اللغة العربية


Attar is a word, taken by Persian language, means are perfume, fragrance, Scent or essence. It is different from Essential Oil, Essential Oil are a real oil of herbs & plant but we can say attar an a perfumery compounds of natural essential oils & herbs. 

All hydro distilled products like Agar wood oil, Rose, Kewda, Jasmine, Lotus, Wintergreen etc. can be made as a perfumes, called Attar. Sandalwood Oil are used as a based for prepare attar. 


In the market available lots of products of perfumes, included with alcohol.  But attar is 100% Alcohol free Perfumes. Attars are natural perfumes for daily use, but its not injuries for health as alcohol and suitable for both man & women. 


Since ancient time Asia & Middle  East Countries people use attars as a perfumes very much, If you require natural perfumes, we suggest you use attar as a perfumes. And we are promise that attars gives you pure smell of Nature.

Its Suitable for all types skin & all Contains are natural, so its 100% safe for skin, also useful in curing various skin diseases, various cosmetics, as it helps in improving skin tone and texture.

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10 drops Sandalwood oil + 10 drops rose oil +10 drops lavender oil: 2 tablespoons of fresh avocado.

Here we are describe our range of Indian Attars



In Indian Attar, Attar 'Shamama' are so popular. Its Attar are widely used for smell. It smell are very spicy & long lasting. 'Shamama' content are many different essential oils like Musk, Sandalwood oil, Agar wood oil, Wintergreen oil (Khas), Mehndi (Henna) etc. & also many Indian herbs (Approx 200+) are included its Contains. Sandalwood oil are used as a base for prepare Sandali Shamama.


Its Smell are so precious & lasting approx 8 to 10 hours.


We have two brand of 'Attar Shamama'.


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Both of Attars have different quality & contents.


Sandalwood Oil Attar

Sandalwood oil are best essential oils in all categories oils. we prepare Attar on sandalwood oil via hydro distilled plant. Sandalwood base Attar available in Rose, Jasmine, Hina, Saffron, Oud etc.

Traditional method of Extraction of Sandalwood Oil Attar

By using of East Indian Sandalwood oil, we prepare incredible Sandalwood oil Attar. The Sandalwood oil attars are extracted by traditionally ‘Degs & Bhapka system’ (Show in photograph), which is a hydro distillation process. The still is heated form below by lighting a fire with the help of wood. The temperature and speed of the distillations controlled by regulating the fire. The distillation is managed by highly skilled/experience, workers called ‘Dighaa’. He knows when the correct quantity of vapours have condensed inside the receiver by feeling the round part of the receiver under water. The water in the tank is change continuously to prevent the temperature rising too high. Managing the still is highly skilled job, as the operator must keep the boiling in the still at a level that matches the condensation in the receiver, in order to keep the pressure under control. When the desire quantity of vapours have condensed, the Dighaa rubs a wet cloth around the body of the still for a temporary pause in distillation and the filled receiver is replaced by another receiver. If necessary, the second may be replaced by a third receiver. The receiver is then allowed to cool and may remain idle for one or two days depending on the pressure of work. The mixture of oil and water is then separated either directly form the receiver through a hole at the bottom or pouring the whole mixture in an open trough, After the oil and water have separated into two layers, the water is removed from an opening in the bottom, and the same is cohobated. The base material remains in the receiver. After desired concentration of the attar has been reached, then same is poured into leather bottles for sedimentation and removal of moisture. Sometimes liquid paraffin is used for the manufacture of cheaper attars. The mouth of the receiver is sealed by wrapping coarse cloth around the bamboo pipe and pushing it inside the condenser. The receiver may contain up to 5-10 kilos of Sandalwood oil materials and is kept in a small water tank.


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