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Agar wood Information (Chips)


Agarwood, eaglewood, gaharu, aloeswood, Oud, kalamabak, jinkoh - these are just a few of the names for the resinous, fragrant and highly valuable heartwood produced by tree of Aquilaria agallocha.

 Wild & Holy Agarwood (Oud) Chips

Assam (INDIA) Agar wood have really best quality over all available quality of Agar wood in the World. Its smell are spread a divine atmosphere. Its used in many holy occasion. 


Agarwood has three principal uses: medicine, perfume and incense. Smaller quantities are used for other  purposes, such as carvings . In the Arabian Country's People are used Agar wood as a incense. And burn it on coal. Both agarwood oil and incense are used for their fragrant  properties, notably in the Middle East.  Buddhist, Hindus and Muslims use Agarwood incense in religious ceremonies,  while a revival of the "Koh doh" incense ceremony in Japan has rekindled interest in  agarwood in that country.



Wild & Holy Agarwood (Oud) ChipsAgarwood chips and flakes are the most common forms of agarwood in trade.Agar wood Chips are come from only Specific area of Agar wood tree. Only 10-20% of a large  slab or piece of agarwood can be drawn into chips and flakes, we separate it by a sharp iron Rod, with the remainder sold as powder/dust or  used for oil distillation.  For Get smell of Natural Agar wood, Please Put it on burn coal & a spice smell spared all over atmosphere.


Agar wood  powder and dust cannot be burned  directly in incense holders, but can be  used to make incense sticks or coils  for indoor fragrance, and are used for  religious purposes by Muslims,  Buddhists and Hindus .



Wild & Holy Agarwood (Oud) ChipsAgar wood use and trade have played an important historical role in culture of gulf, and yet at the same time retain an arcane sense of mystery for many Gulf's people, let alone foreigners with an interest in one of Gulf's high arts of long-standing tradition. Obtaining information on this trade, and the industry it supports, required the establishment of several trust-based relationships  and many of those would not have been possible for TRAFFIC to obtain without various personal introductions and connections, both inside and outside Gulf..


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The Mystery of Agarwood (Oud)


 "Agarwood is just one more example of a wild plant resource whose popularity in medicines and cosmetics is pushing the species closer towards the point of no return"

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